Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Going with Things

A buddy suggests that I should probably write something. He's probably right.

At work yesterday, I got a new idea for a series of undetermined medium that more or less continues something I was working on before. It was an interesting process: I started with a concept (someone taking part in a shotgun wedding) and then expanded upon events (someone punches out the mayor, and then takes on a hoard of angry rednecks). And now I have the basic idea of the series. It is all very silly.

One thing I decided: Project N2, the postapocalyptic semi-sequel to Project N, has changed to the point that one relying on the other is pointless. Although the connections between the two ideas (the shared setting and at least one character) remains, they are more or less considered different series now. I feel this is for the best, as while Project N remains primarily comedic, Project N2 is drifting away from anything resembling light comedy, although it still features goofy subject matter. I don't want it to go completely dramatic, that's just not going to work for me or the story, but it has its own tone now, separate from the thing it spun off from.

Speaking of Project N, I've been trying to figure it out for the last few weeks, and I still see a tonal clash. I've attempted to organize the story ideas into different 'cycles', where they can be set to fit eachother. Even so, the stories themselves range from silly light comedy, darker (and more down-to-earth) stuff, and completely out there oddities. Some story changes have also ostracized the supporting cast a bit, and since they are important (but that importance may be changed to better suit the current state of the concept) I'll try to work them into it. Aside from these difficulties, though, I am happy to see some much stronger story ideas come from the last little bit of brainstorming.

I've also have been coming much closer to making a card game that I am satisfied with. It still seems a bit convoluted, and some ideas aren't coming to me to cap off the thing, but it's progressing. Unfortunately, after reading up on another game, I've now got even more ideas, which essentially means I'm going to scrap what I was doing before to integrate this new stuff. Damn.

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