Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CoNOMdrums Part VIV The Heretic

Simple problem for Project N:

Are the elements actually working together organically, or is it just one bunch of stuff going on one side while a completely different set of stuff goes on somewhere else? Is there room for both? How do I make them work?

This is what happens when you combine two different ideas into one thing! Or, actually, what it was was me having one idea and then adding new stuff onto it to make it more interesting. Thing is, I like both the base idea and the stuff added onto it. But it seems that by focusing on the latter stuff (which is more big, entertaining, and weird), I might be pushing out the base idea (which is more character and dialogue-based). It might not be much of a problem once I am more confident that I can convey the original idea (basically, once I am confident that I know the characters' voices).

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