Monday, June 29, 2009


So anyway, it came to me: Chances are, the things I want to make that are not immediately viable (comics and television, mainly) have a slight chance of never being viable. What to do, if I still want to make them? This is where the Internet comes in.

The idea: post scripts of some sort. So, even if stuff like Project G or Project N never really get off the ground, I can still scratch the itch to have them down somewhere for people to enjoy. Plus, what if some talented or influential people come across them, and are interested? Oh, the glories of the Internet!

What's taxing me: How to write them. Posting a straight-up comic book or TV script would be simple enough. On the other hand, if they will exist purely to be read by online passers-by, it doesn't work for two ways: (1) It will seem like a desperate pitch, rather than as a story on its own, and (2) The format is not really fun to read, unless you're a buff of the particular field. Too many breaks and weird formatting.

The solution I've come up with is utilizing a sort of neutral script-style, one that can be easily translated into different formats, but works as reading material on its own. The way I imagine it, it would be a combination of stage scripting and novel-style narration. The only real problem right now is how to deal with scene shifts. It really shouldn't be that hard to work around. Chapters, maybe?

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