Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hear no Weevil

I don't think Weevils make sounds.

After a period of simmering, I've attempted to go back to Project G and fix some stuff up. While I have many entertaining ideas, and even a destination for the story, I have a hard time making things coherent. And while I don't need a big, long story that is all connected (that's not what the book is supposed to work like), I need a consistency (or at least a logical flow) in the tone and character development.

To start my revising, I decided to take a hard look at the supporting cast (of which there are a lot), and figure out what their purposes were and whether I really needed them, or at least in the form they were in currently. I found myself unable to drop any yet, but I altered one who seemed like a complete non-presence to something that befits a non-presence (and ties into the ending!), so that works. I may be able to make more changes as I go along, and hopefully everything will fall into place after that.

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