Friday, December 21, 2007

Dojo Update: Subspace Emissary Movie

To end off the week, they have released a short preview movie of the Adventure Mode. Probably not too too dazzling - but more footage is always fine by me, especially since we haven't had any Adventure info in a while. There is some things we can gather from the video:

-Pikachu, Ike, and Lucas are all playable in the mode (and it looks like Lucas wields a bat), and Meta Knight teams up with the Ice Climbers at some point.
-Primids wielding beam swords! Oooo scary!
-Bowser wields the same character-to-trophy blaster that Wario had in the extended beginning we saw at E For All, suggesting they are in cahoots.
-Weeeee mine cart!

Plus some new environments for me to list.

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