Friday, November 9, 2007

Observations and Thinking Of Next Week

As I said earlier, the impression this week gives me is that, at least currently, the delay has not affected the update schedule at all. I mean, all the new characters have their special moves confirmed (and the last one pretty much confirmed our first removed character), we're pretty close to getting every single conceivable Smash 101 update, they talked about some of the returning items...this is exactly the kind of stuff I'd expect one month before the game comes out. Maybe it'll change, but now I'm kinda expecting the next month or two to be finishing stuff up rather than adding new features...maybe with a surprise or two.

But man, this is the first time we've ever gone two weeks without a character. I'm thinking we'll get one soon, but I wonder if it means anything other than "since we were going to take a week of no characters already, let's put it at the start of the month". Maybe they'll post fewer than 3, finally? I could see that. The only I could see them having three to put up is if (a)they're willing to show secret characters this early, or (b)they have a few surprises left. Or maybe they'll reveal ALL characters, and just not tell anyone which ones are secret....nah, that's too dickish.


3.5 from my last predictions...cool.

Now, next week:

Final Smash (Ike, Wario, or Zero Suit Samus)
Adventure Mode (a gameplay feature, instead of another video)

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