Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Release Date, IGN details

It has come to pass: Brawl will now be released on February 10th. Dissapointment, but then again, I've waited this long...what's two months? Plus, it misses exam season now...which is good.

I only wonder how they're going to maintain the website. I was expecting it to keep updating until the same time, but I thought that by the time January/February rolled around, the gamr would be out and they'd be free to post secret stuff. Whatever caused the delay must have been abrupt, too, so I have no idea if they had a backup plan for it.

IGN also has hands-on impressions of the game, including the confirmation of Norfair as a stage. Other awesome things they noted:

-Shadow Link is one of Link's alternate colours. Speaking of Link, his Final Smash CAN hit multiple opponents.
-Assist Trophies include a Metroid, multiple 2D Advance Wars sprites, and the main character from Drill Dozer.
-Wii Remote Controls: B for shields, A for taunts, and - for throwing items.

Time for serious updatin'.

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