Friday, October 5, 2007

Dojo Update: Team

I was wondering what kind of new feature they would reveal this month (and I completely forgot to predict it last week). But they came through again, not just unveiling something many players wanted, but also killing about 4 other birds with this update as well.

Yes, it's co-op adventure mode. The system looks very similar to Kirby Superstar - if the second player goes off screen, they warp back to Player 1, and if Player 1 goes, the game is over. And since KSS is a personal favorite game of mine, so this works well for me.

That's also the first screenshot of the Adventure Mode. The number in the top left corner is your score.

There's the map for game. In another screenshot, we see that each stage you complete has a top score and 'Clear %'. Trying to get the best possible score and 100% completion will surely increase the replay value of the Adventure Mode.

One of the big things this update confirmed was my speculation of the structure of the Adventure Mode, that being that you play as different characters over the course of the game, and they form groups. At the point that the players in the screenshots of this update were at, they had two teams: Kirby and Zelda (Zelda obviously being the one that was saved from Petey Piranha), and Mario and Pit (I'm guessing they meet up after the first Skyworld level). I'm not too sure if you can play through each level as either team, or whether the teams have different paths, but it looks like the former currently.

Another thing about the teams: when you lose a life in this mode, you switch out with another character on your team (you set the order before each stage), until you run out of lives. I don't know if both players will be able to play as the same character if they die and come to that point, but we'll see. It's definitely an interesting idea, though.

They also show how you can switch the difficulty of each stage. There are 5 levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Intense (they dropped Very Easy and added Very Very Hard, go figure). Apparently, the harder the difficulty, the greater your reward for beating the level. But this at least means I can scout out the level without getting my ass kicked.

At the very end of the update, it is hinted that there is a 'never-before-seen' upgrade system for your characters in the game that they will talk about another time. What could it be? Could this be that rumored 'move switch/stat upgrade' thing?

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