Friday, September 7, 2007

Dojo Updates: My Music, Pokemon Stadium/Evolution, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme

Today, for the first time since the site opened, we have received a triple update. And it's a doozy, too.

The main update unveils My Music. Each stage in the game has a number of possible BG songs, and this mode allows you to test and set the probability of each of those songs playing when you battle on the stage. Now, this is a neat feature. There's going to be so many songs in the game, I could spend a good amount of time just listening to them.

And to add to my collecting needs, they've scattered CDs over the course of the game (I'm assuming they may appear in every mode, from the way it said 'Regardless of which mode you're playing'). CDs give you even more music to select from. Way to combine several things I like into a single package of awesome.

The other two are Music samples. Pokemon Stadium/Evolution combines the Gym and Evolution themes into a nice-sounding, slower-moving song. And if you didn't catch it last year, they've reposted the Operatic main theme of Brawl. The only new thing about the main theme is that it's page reveals that it will be heard 'here and there' throughout the game. Maybe in multiple forms, like the versions featured in the last two trailers? I could almost bet the second trailer rendition will be the menu music.

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