Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Now A Problem

Posting here is like a special event.

For something different, I will point out a bad habit/problem in my writing that I have noticed and should fix. I will likely have a series for this; there's plenty to document.

This problem I have dubbed "Arthur Dent Syndrome". I have tendency to write stories featuring a protagonist who merely observes their new (often surreal) surroundings, have it explained to him/her, and then react sarcastically/weerily/angrily/etc. Basically, they seem to be protagonists who are acted upon rather than act (which isn't exactly like Arthur Dent, but close).

The thing is...I really hate that kind of protagonist. Or, more accurately, I don't like to see that kind of protagonist played a lot. It's one of things that bugs me about even classic Disney movies...pretty much 100% of the time, the protagonist just goes from place and place and things happen to them instead of them instigating the action. The constant "well, they made the supporting cast interesting, at least" excuse has become weaker and weaker the more I think about it. I'd prefer they get out at least one interesting main character every once in a while if they plan on sticking to the formula.

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