Friday, January 18, 2008

Dojo Update: Sticker Power-Ups

Hey, remember that 'powering-up system' they said was in the Adventure Mode? Well, it's been under our noses the entire time. That's right, it was the stickers all along.

Every sticker in your collection has a unique enhancement attached to it. In the Adventure Mode, you can attach them onto your character's trophy base before entering levels, and that characters gains all those unique special abilities. There's a lot of little subfactors that come into play too - some stickers can only be used on certain characters, once you use the sticker you can't take it off without losing it, bigger power-ups overriding smaller ones of the same nature, etc. etc....you're going to need to read the update for every little detail.

I like it. I was expecting something of a similar nature, but having it involve stickers is a great way to use a collectible, and there are plenty of strategic elements to consider.

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