Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dojo Update: Pikmin & Olimar, Pikmin World Map

Your new character...has arrived.

I think most of us were expecting Olimar and crew to be playable, but was I the only who thought it was likely he would be appear this early? Not that it matters. They're here, and we're happy.

Like in the games, Olimar relies on his Pikmin, which he plucks from the ground, to perform most of his attacks, including smash attacks. Here's hoping we see how his special moves work soon. He could definetly be an interesting character.

There's also some music. Its the world map from Pikmin. Its very nice, and its by the guy who made the music for Chrono Cross!

Now, the icon thing. Pikmin is 22, which is unexpected, as I would have thought it'd go between Kid Icarus and Sonic. This opens up quite a few more possibilities.

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