Saturday, December 15, 2007

News about News

Well, Corocoro comics once again had nothing. I'm not too disappointed; I wasn't seriously expecting anything from it. Albeit, something THAT COULD BE interesting was announced in it.

In the next issue, which comes out on January 15th (one week before the game is released in Japan), they will include 30 cards, which seem to depict characters (there's always the chance that some won't). Now, even if you include Zero Suit Samus and have each of the Pokemon Trainer's pokemon get their own card, that's only 25. Which means that there could possibly be 5 characters that will be announced there or in the weeks before. Now, I'm only saying this is a possibility, so don't go be getting overexcited and set yourself up for disappointment.

Also, here in Anglo seas, EGM will be running a Smash Bros. cover story next month. Now, the Editor-in-Chief Dan Hsu makes it clear in this podcast that he hasn't played anything more than the demo, so don't expect any new information from it. However, it will be covering stuff like character backgrounds and the fan community, which means that this could be an interesting read that focuses on stuff we usually ignore. Plus, there are 16 collector covers, which is awesome.

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