Friday, November 16, 2007


Oh wah wah. So the last run of updates haven't been exciting. Boohoo. They just dropped a ton of bombshells last month, they obviously need some time to catch up on things and do some completion. In fact, as I've stated before, the updates seem to be finishing up quite a bit (NOW every new character has their special moves explained), so I'm led to believe that haven't been changed at all by the delay.

No, I don't think they're putting in 'filler' updates to buy time. I don't even know if I can think of something that would count as a 'filler' update. The stuff we knew about, which includes gameplay basics and stuff we learned from E For All, aren't there for veterans and Internet scroungers.

I know, I know, everyone is just one edge because it's been 3 weeks since we got a character profile. Which makes sense, as they probably don't have a ton of characters TO show anymore. They still have Captain Obvious, who I'm still very convinced will show up this month. I mean, there's one more stage they need to show this month, and unless they decide to post the Sonic stage (which I honestly don't think they will, but I've wrong about these things before), the only way to go would be to get an F-Zero stage up. And with the exception of Yoshi's Island, they've never posted a stage before its character.

I get 1 outta 5 for this week. Nuts.


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