Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dojo Update: Battleship Halberd

A week after Meta Knight was finally profiled on the website, we get his ship. Now, we've seen lots of Halberd before, but it looks like there was more to it: Not only do you start in the hangar and then fly up beside it as it launches, but you'll also eventually land on the deck of the ship and have to deal with the cannon and mechanical arm (just like in Kirby Super Star!) It adds a whole new layer of personality to the stage, plus the mechanical arm will be really annoying.

Of course, it also makes reference to the importance of Halberd in the Adventure Mode. Starting the whole thing cryptically, it states "It’s Meta Knight’s battleship...isn’t it?". Well, we kinda figured out that in one way or another it wasn't, but exact details are a thing of the future.

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