Friday, August 10, 2007

Coro Coro Re-Confirms Online? + Predictions #4

Since yesterday, lots of people have been reporting that the new issue of Coro Coro Comics says Brawl will come out on November 22nd in Japan and [i]will[/i] have a Wi-Fi Battle mode. This came from the same site that reported on Coro Coro/Brawl a few months ago. But without any scans to back this up, I'd suggest taking it with some salt.


But anyway, I only scored 1.5/5 on my last predictions. Still, everything made sense except for when they didn't show Peach, or any new character really. Maybe they are just trying to pace themselves with this so that they don't run out of character profile content so far away from release.

Now, let's move on to next week:

Peach (again, yes.)
Stage (Hmmmmm....a new one. I'm betting this is the Metroid one!)
Another new item
How to Play (again, a Smash 101 Article)
A Game Mode update, but this one won't be related to The Subspace Emissary

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