Friday, July 13, 2007

Dojo Update: Smashville

Let's end off the week with another surprise: an Animal Crossing stage. It's like they made a stage just for cameos, as pretty much every character from the game comes to watch the bloodshed at some point. The stuff with the Wii clock is neat, though.

This stage is yet another "small & simple" stage. There seems to be a lot of those in Brawl. This may have been in response to the crybabies who didn't like all the 'gimmick' stages in Melee. Oh well, it's still only about one third of the total number of stages, I'm sure. They'll throw in some wacky ones eventually.

The Animal Crossing icon is used, which makes it the first icon without an associated character (unless we get Mr. Resetti, as he is the only AC critter not seen in the background of the screenshots, but that's not likely). I wonder if there's more?

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