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The Top 50 Characters who could be in Brawl: Part 2

And the character countdown continues!

Previous characters:

Little Mac
Diddy Kong
Anyone from Mother 3
King Dedede
Captain Olimar
Anyone from Advance Wars

Isaac/Felix(Golden Sun)

Surprise! How many people remembered the GBA RPG duo of Golden Sun and it's sequel The Lost Age? Apparently, plenty of people, because they were, at least at one point, a popular character source among Smash Bros. speculators. One or both of the characters appeared twice on Toukouken!, so it seems the message boards aren't the only ones with an eye on this game.
Why is it so popular? Probably the main point is that it's probably the closest thing to a traditional RPG Nintendo has ever produced (in both gameplay and story), and you know how some people go gaga over those. Another notable thing is one of the game's key components, PsyEnergy, would translate into cool looking magic attacks in Smash Bros. Sounds like a good combination to me.
The two named above are the main characters of the original game and it's sequel. Both use Earth-based magic, so plenty of rocks and plants flying about is the possibility.
Reality: Isaac made the cut as an Assist Trophy

Ray(Custom Robo)

In a way, Custom Robo is a lot like Fire Emblem and Wars, as it became a popular series in Japan while not reaching North America for a few years. Of course, the difference is that the former took 13 years to reach NA, while Robo only took 5. Even so, it's here now, and might have the established cred to appear in Brawl.
Ray is the main robot in the series, appearing in every game with slightly more armor and weapons strapped on. The latest incarnation of Ray, from either the GC edition or the recent Arena on the DS, would be the most likely to appear. They also have plenty of weapons to explode things with, so a formidable foe this robot could be.
Reality: Ray MKIII is an Assist Trophy, and they have some stickers and trophies, too

Bowser Jr.(Mario Bros. series)

I know, I know. You may be thinking "There's already too many Mario characters!" or "Bowser Jr. is just a lame replacement for the Koopa Kids!". But I have a legitimate reason for including him, I really do.
Really, it's all about the brush. Back in Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr. used his giant paintbrush thingy to spread goo all over a tropical island. I really like the possibilities there. With that giant paintbrush, he could manipulate the environment (for example, by making temporary slippery spots on the ground) or even other characters (covering them with slime reverses their controls, for example). A character who could release my inner vandal? Yes, please.
Reality: Trophy


Since Melee, there have been two whole generations of new Pokemon. Of course, most of them are chaff that are fit for Pokeballs only. There are some standouts, and they will be featured on this list, starting the D-Man here.
Deoxys is a legendary pokemon (in the sense that it's one-of-kind, albeit in three different games), and sports a pretty funky design. It even starred in it's own movie, like Mewtwo before it.
But it's main appeal, is it's ability to change 'modes', which allows it to become more powerful, or faster, or tougher. That's a really interesting mechanic, and I think it could an awesome addition to Smash.
Reality: Detained before it could enter.

Samurai Goroh(F-Zero series)

At this point, all of the actual franchises have at least one other character or have one other character suggested...except one. Yep, F-Zero. And that's where this guy steps in.
He is Captain Falcon's rival and a recurring character in the series, which is why he's the first pick. However, he's also a cyberpunk samurai. He could combine the flashy, explosion elements that Falcon has, while also adding cool-looking katana attacks. So again, not only does he make sense representation-wise, but also sounds pretty fun as a character, too.
Reality: Forced job as Assist Trophy

Meowth(Pokemon series)

Another pokemon? Yes, but this one's a classic. Aside from the Melee bunch, Meowth is probably the most well-known pokemon out there, which comes mainly from his status on the cartoon. It worked for Jigglypuff.
And, like Jigglypuff, Meowth would be an odd character. Tossing coins, scratching, biting, and who knows what else would comprise his repertoire of techniques. But, like Jigglypuff, he'd most likely be a fun character hiding under the simple and weak veneer. And more fun characters is always a plus.
Reality: Pokeball'd once more

Sigurd(Fire Emblem IV)

Really, the only difference between this guy and Ike is that Sigurd's from the most popular Fire Emblem in Japan, or so I've heard. So really, he's a decent rival of Ike's for the coveted second FE character slot.
It's also of note that he was considered as the second FE character in Melee before Roy stepped in.
Reality: No sign of 'im in there

Balloon Fighter

If there's one group to benefit from Melee, it's characters from random older NES titles. Since the Ice Climbers showed that even characters from forgotten titles could make a comeback, games like Clu Clu Land and, of course, Balloon Fight are now in the public mindset. Balloon Fighter was actually once considered to be the NES representative in Melee but was passed up for the aforementioned Eskimos. Here's another chance.
He could be a quirky character, what with the balloons strapped to him and all. Plus, they said they wanted to tweak aieral combat, so maybe they'll want to have a character whose almost entirely aireal-based. In any case, if you want to go classic NES, BF is the best choice by far.
Reality: Gets some cameos via the Ice Climbers stage and stickers


More robots! If you need a 'new' Mr. Game & Watch, as in a wacky unlockable character pulled from a slightly different sector of Nintendo history, here he is. Look at him!
R.O.B. has actually been making a bit of a comeback (or he was) as shown by his seemingly random appearance in Mario Kart DS (the Wario Ware stuff has been going on for a while now, so it's not as big a deal.) He could make an excellent 'joke' character in Brawl, utilizing his various pieces of equipment that were used to not play Gyromite and Stack-Up, while buzzing and just being a robot. But really, he's just a quirky nod to some of Nintendo's not-so-popular ideas.
This one is one of my personal favorites.
Reality: YEEEEEEEEEES ROB got in I'm so overjoyed

Windwaker Link

Putting the annoying rumors aside, I actually find the idea of the cel-shaded kid Link being in the game to be intriguing. The different graphical style wouldn't certainly look neat. Plus, with two games under his belt (the other being the upcoming Phantom Hourglass), there could plenty of material used to make him different from the adult version.
Reality: Clone-ish, but Toon Link graces our game as a playable character

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