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The Top 50 Characters who could be in Brawl: Part 1

Really, you all should have expected this to come.

We all have certain characters we want to be in the game. There's no way in hell they'll all be in there, but you can at least hope for a fraction to appear. I've made a pretty lengthy list containing every single character I think could possibly be in this game. When picking these, I tried to fair and balanced, choosing a good combination of popular and cult characters, characters with cool concepts/possibilities, and franchise representatives. I didn't include any 3rd party characters here, as they are more of a matter of opportunity than choice.

This list will be counted down in 5 parts.

Today's entries focus on who I think are the ten most deserving characters. Some, but not all, of these characters are obvious, or necessary, or just wanted quite a bit. If some of these characters don't end up in the game, I will be disappointed (but not enough to not get the game, of course).

Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)

Punch-Out!! and it's SNES sequel are classics, generally regarded as two of the greatest games ever made. In the 80s, the NES iteration was one of Nintendo's hottest titles. With Kid Icarus finally back in the limelight, they truly are the last Nintendo classics to not yet be represented in Smash Bros. I'm hoping fixing that situation was one of the first things on the developer's minds, so here's to the Rocky-like protagonist of the first game (I don't care what EA says, the hero of Super Punch-Out!! was not Mac) finally joins the crew.
Reality: It hurts...but atleast he'll be around to Assist you

Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong series)

I love monkeys. Don't ask for a reason, it's just the way I am. Any way to add more monkey shines into a game is alright by me.
But more seriously, Diddy is just an obvious pick. Donkey Kong is basically a second-tier series, and with most of the other second-tier series (Kirby) getting their secondary characters in the game, it only makes sense that one of the characters that appears in almost every game in this series should have a good stab. He is a pretty well-known character in his own right, as well.
And unlike most Diddy supporters, I am quite in favor of a Diddy/Dixie two-in-one deal, if only because it's so fun and original.
Reality: Mad monkey makes the cut!

Anyone from Mother 3

People waited many years for this game. Why wouldn't they? It is the sequel to Earthbound (AKA Mother 2), one of the biggest cult games ever. And the end result of that wait was not a disappointment...well, except the fact that it still hasn't come to North America.
Even so, I think the anticipation for this game justifies one of it's main characters getting a slot. And in addition to that cult status, the cast of the game is just plain great, with lots of choices containing plenty of variety. You have a Ness clone/replacement(Lucas), a cowboy who uses logs as weapons(Flint), a break dancer with gadgets(Duster), a martial artist/magic user(Kumatora), and a cyborg who uses a lightsabre and shoots lighting(Claus).
Really, though, at this point it's just a bone they can throw rabid Earthbound fans, who have shown a devotion that certainly deserves one.
Reality: Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Is in the game!

King Dedede(Kirby series)

Okay, so they got the fan-favorite secondary character in the series among the first of the revealed. Now, why not also add the main secondary character and complete another group (along with Link/Zelda/Ganondorf and Mario/Luigi/Peach/Bowser/Yoshi). Dedede himself is also rather fun, combining aspects of Kirby, the Ice Climbers, and the heavyset characters.
Something tells me that Dedede having the most requests printed on Toukouken! is a sign that the director is really interested in including another one of his creations.
Reality: Dedede diddiddid make the grade

Captain Olimar(Pikmin)

Pikmin was pleasant addition to Nintendo's line back in the Gamecube days. I think it has it's place among the ranks, even if it isn't getting sequels every few years. Being one of Nintendo's most successful new series, I think it deserves a place in Smash Bros. by now.
There's also the point of concept that makes Olimar and his Pikmin army such a good choice. Just being able to attack others with an army of little bug/plant things is cool. The possibilities this character has is quite appealing.
Reality: Olimar is in, but the Pikmin get the top billing for whatever reason

Anyone from Advance Wars

You probably didn't know this, but the Wars series has been an old standby for Nintendo (in Japan) since 1988, coming out on the Japanese NES, SNES, and Gameboy before gracing the whole world on the GBA. You got to admit, being such a steadily-released series that took 13 years to release outside one country is pretty impressive (the same goes for it's little brother series, Fire Emblem). And for this reason, I believe this series deserves to be rep'd in Brawl.
The Advance part of the line is the best choice to pull characters from, as it is the only part known internationally (well, aside from the Battalion Wars section, but let's forget about that), and the characters also have the most personality. I can imagine and giggle gleefully at the explosive fighting styles any of the COs could employ. Every attack could be the equivalent of Snake's rocket launcher!
Reality: Lots of stickers of the COs, but the only in-game element is the little soldiers assisting you. But they are very cute!

Geno(Super Mario RPG)

I've seen no other SSBB character movement as big as the one for Geno. Since he was mentioned quite a few times on Toukouken!, people have realized what an awesome character he is. I think Toukouken! is also a sign that Sakurai realizes this as well. He would certainly be a great surprise, even after so many people have come to demand his appearance.
Reality: No Mario RPG references at all. Guess they couldn't work out a deal with Squenix

Krystal(StarFox series)

Rare sucks at character designs, yes. And recent Starfox games (the ones that Krystal were in) were not anything to holler about. Even so, there's enough fan support for the blue object-of-furry-affection to believe that she has a damn good chance of getting in. I also like the idea of the staff/magic style that she could use, so those combined give her this spot.
Reality: She'll talk to you on Lylat Cruise. That's about it.

Ridley(Metroid series)

Sakurai has said that he added Zero Suit Samus in order to boost the representation of the Metroid series in Smash Bros. Fans also want to see more Metroid characters in Brawl, and their main choice is one of the recurring antagonists: fire-breathing space dragon Ridley.
Now, the main problem with Ridley is that normally he's around two times+ the size of Samus, which really wouldn't work in this game. No matter, fans say; downsize him a tad and it'll work out fine. Whether or not that is a good idea is up to the developers, but they must consider how much support the character has (he's yet another member of the 'mention lots on Toukouken!' club).
Plus, he'd just be frigging awesome.
Reality: Two boss fights ain't bad for this monster. He got good representation at least

Ike (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)

Marth, being the first main character of FE and a fan-favorite both in and outside of the Smash Bros. scene almost completely cements his place on the roster in Brawl. But who would be a good second Fire Emblem character? Ike is at the top of the list, it seems.
Why? Path of Radiance is the first FE title to be popular in both North American and Japan (the portable titles were not nearly as well-received by fans in their home country). It's also one of the most recent, putting on people's minds. It's also to be noted that Ike was another character who's requests were printed frequently on Toukouken!, possibly indicating the interest of the developers in the character as well.
Reality: First draft pick. Ohhhhhh yeah!

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