Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kaplan Implies!

Hey, look Game Informer has an interview with Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs!

Among Kaplan's statements is this little ditty:

GI: It seems like the core gamer is being left in the dust for this new gamer.

Kaplan: Reggie would tell you that we’re fully committed to the core gamer. You know it’s interesting. We have these arguments internally. Do we have too much expanded audience and not enough core? Do we have too much core and not enough expanded? Everybody on any given day has one opinion, and they can change their minds the next day. We’re figuring out what that balance is. By December I’d love to know if you still feel this way.

GI: By December I’d expect to have Smash Bros. Mario and Metroid out the door.

Kaplan: Tell me by November then.

Does this mean that they expect Brawl and Galaxy to be out by November? Since they've also released their schedule up to September, that means the game will come out in either October or November. (One little probably-means-nothing observation: the Japanese Melee site started it's regular updates like Dojo 5 months before the American release)

Also mentioned in that interview is that Nintendo is going to stick with the Friend Code system for the forseeable future. Guess that's that, then.

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