Thursday, April 12, 2007

What does it mean?

This Korean site has a scan from the Japanese Coro Coro comics mag. It has something related to Brawl in it. But, unfortunately, all translators are being lazy. Some people thought is said it was coming out in June, but apparently that's not it. However, translated from the site:

(Full page)

"' large scuffle su every swi pu a su X' newer information opening to the public plan"

Aside from being completely broken and confusing, might it indicate that information is coming out soon? Some people seem to think it'll come next week. I'll try to see if I can get some authoritative information about this.

Edit: I have somebody saying that it indeed says that CoroCoro will have Brawl news in the next issue. May need more opinions on it, but it sounds promising.

Edit Numbah 2: From the Smashboards:

Top writing next to NO.1 means Brawl is no.1 anticipation [read: most wanted]
Big white writing = Dairantou Smash Brothers X (SSBB)
Yellow writing = Coro Coro Ouendan Kesseida, I have no idea what that means,
but it's something to do with the Cheer Squad.

Edit Numbah 3: GoNintendo picked up my findings, but made the inaccurate assertion that a new character would be revealed soon, which is not what is said.

I still need to get the writing in the Wii circle to be translated, as apparently that is where the 'new Wii game news' idea is coming from.

Edit Numero Quatro!: Another friend at the Smash Boards translated the smaller image:

"Wii Software Full-up-to-date information!"

So, all in all it's saying: Smash Bros. Brawl is the NO.1 most anticipated game, something about CoroCoro's support group, and that they will have up-to-date information about Wii Software (maybe not Smash Bros. specifically).

What does this all mean? Really, it could go either way, considering the vagueness of the whole thing. I guess we'll have to wait until May 15th to find out.

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