Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New Character Attacks Confirmed (with GIF-y Goodness)

A member of the N-Sider forums did something good (for once) by making a detailed analysis of Meta-Knight as seen in the trailers and including animated GIFs! This inspired me to try it on my own with the rest of the bunch. I'll add more as I finish the images.


Looks like a normal A attack.

Possibly an Forward tilt or smash attack.

Upward tilt or smash attack.

Dash attack.

Possibly his A-Air attack.

Possibly his foward A-Air attack.

Possibly his back A-Air attack.

Down A-Air attack.

Gliding may be a recovery (Up+B) special or something else entirely.


Three-hit A attack.

I'm guessing it's his A-Air attack.

Zero Suit Samus

Crocuhing attack, a forward tilt, and an upward tilt most likely.


Wario's dance-like motions, probably his run animation.

Dashing attack.

Possibly a taunt, but could also be his upward tilt.

Forward A-Air.

Back A-Air.

Little harder to tell. Could be a forward smash attack.


It's "the" combo. A attacks, almost definetly.

Possibly his Down-A Air, followed by a forward tilt, and a forward smash.

An upward tilt followed by either a downward smash (my money's on that one) or a special attack.

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